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Wantate Dennis is a serial information technology entrepreneur, and the CEO and co-founder of Nisoft Solutions, an innovative IT and entrepreneurial company providing ICT, networking, corporate branding, e-commerce and digital marketing solutions to clients in Africa. Dennis is a Premier Internet Marketing Expert, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Web/Graphic Designer, Consultant, Cyber Security Consultant, Brand Ambassador. Expert live video/webinar host. He has built a reputation for enabling businesses to do more through access to leadership, capital and technology.

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Dennis created his consulting company, Nisoft Solutions, to reveal the secrets to global branding. Dennis and Nisoft Solutions share advice and experience on branding, licensing, social media, influencer integration, marketing strategy and overall business consultation. As a brand consultant, Dennis and his team will examine the needs of the corporation, dissect the problems and create manageable solutions for brand growth.


As a motivational speaker, Dennis's quintessential rags-to-riches success story of sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance as well as the unique and charismatic way he communicates it, will inspire any audience.

With a unique “tech inspired” keynote and his famous fail forward chat, Dennis has the unique ability to give you a look behind the curtain and the secrets he uses to become a massive success.

Nisoft Solutions

Nisoft Solutions created by Wantate Dennis, is a digital and technology consultancy agency with roots in strategy, design, technology, and digital marketing . Our team of specialists help progressive companies deliver modern digital experiences with cutting edge Technology.

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With years of experience as both a successful entrepreneur and mentor, Dennis has given countless aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to work alongside him and his team, showing them the ins and outs of what they need to take their businesses to the next level.

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